Yeats and Elevation: The Nobel Prize Centenary Conference 2023

25-28 October 2023 Stockholm, Sweden

Yeats and Elevation: The Nobel Prize Centenary Conference 2023

25-28 October 2023 Stockholm, Sweden

W. B. Yeats and Elevation: The Nobel Prize Centenary Conference



Dates are Wednesday 25 October to Saturday 28 October 2023. On Saturday 28 October there is a visit to the City Hall for a guided tour 10.00.

Panel sessions – for detailed information, please go to the end of this page.

Wednesday 25 October 2023Thursday 26 October 2023Friday 27 October 2023
9:00 Parallel panels 2
Irish Narratives, F339
Yeats’s Towers, F347
Spiritual Dialogues, F371
9:00 Parallel panels 4
Art and Aesthetics, F339
Yeats and Sweden II, F347
Between Extremities, Man Runs his Course, F371
12:00 Lunch, F37110:30 Coffee/tea10:30 Coffee/tea
13:00 Welcome. Keynote 1: Roy Foster "Yeats and the Memory of War", Hörsal D7 (floor 3)
11:00 Parallel panels 3
Individuality and Context, F339
Elevation and Paradox, F347
Yeats and the Sacred, F371
11:00 Parallel panels 5
W.B., Jack B., and Elevation, F339
Yeats in Troubled Times, F347
14:15 Coffee/tea12:30 Lunch, F35512:30 Lunch, F363
15:30 Special panel for International Yeats Studies Journal, F38913:30 Keynote 2: Marjorie Howes
“Yeats, the Nobel, and the Labor of Writing”, Hörsal D7, (floor 3)
13:30 Keynote 4: Paul Muldoon, “Counted One: Yeats By the Numbers”, Hörsal D7, (floor 3)
17:00 Parallel panels 1
Materiality and Immanence, F339
Yeats and Sweden I, F347
Form and (Dis)embodiment, F371
14:45 Roundtable, F389
The Oxford Handbook of W.B. Yeats: perspectives and discussions, Chair: Matthew Campbell
14:45 IYS Board meeting, E890, (The English Department)
17:00 Reception at the Irish Ambassador’s residence, food and drink served
Evening: Pub gathering, Wirströms Irish Pub, from 20:00Evening:
19:00 Keynote 3: Margaret Mills Harper
, “‘And I myself created Hanrahan’: Dissensual Irishness in late Yeats” and Poetry reading at Rönnells antiquarian book shop, Paul Muldoon & Lars-Håkan Svensson
18:00 Yeats “Talkshow”
, The Nobel Prize Museum, Gamla Stan.
Note. Booked bus transport for everyone to the dinner venue.
19:30 Conference Dinner, Stadshuskällaren,
Nobel Dinner (2022)



Special panel for International Yeats Studies Journal (“Yeats and Materiality”); Wednesday 15:30

Clare Hutton, “The Textual Culture of the Irish Literary Revival”
Elizabeth Bergmann Loizeaux, “Embroidering Yeats”
David Holdeman, “Material Artifacts, Thoor Ballylee, and Yeats’s Later Poetry”

Chairs for all panels

Materiality and immanence: Neil Mann
Yeats and Sweden I: Charles Armstrong
Form and (Dis)embodiment: Marjorie Howes

Irish Narratives: Matthew Campbell
Yeats’s Towers: Youngmin Kim
Spiritual Dialogues: Seán Golden

Individuality and Context: Wit Pietrzak
Elevation and Paradox: Alexandra Poulain
Yeats and the Sacred: Maria Rita Drumond Viana

Art and Aesthetics: Adrian Paterson
Yeats and Sweden II: Joakim Wrethed
Between Extremities, Man Runs His Course: Hedwig Schwall

W. B., Jack B., and Elevation: Tom Walker
Yeats in Troubled Times: Lucy Collins

Parallel panels 1; Wednesday 17:00-18:30 (19:00)

Materiality and Immanence. Chair: Neil Mann
Seán Golden, “‘A movement down upon life not upwards out of life’: W.B. Yeats and Immanence”
Michael Cade-Stewart, “Elevating Matter”
Matthew DeForrest, “Negative Elevation: Memorializing Erasure in ‘To A Wealthy Man’ and Other Poems”

Yeats and Sweden I. Chair: Charles Armstrong
Britta Olinder, “Yeats and the Nobel Prize Process”
Nicholas Allen, “Thought, Reality and Justice: Yeats, Heaney and the Nobel Prize”
Joakim Wrethed, “Spectral Aesthetics in Yeats and Strindberg”

Form and (Dis)embodiment. Chair: Marjorie Howes
Adam Piette, “High Pitch in Yeats”
Hedwig Schwall, “Phantasms as Signposts of the Invisible: Yeats’s Mask Theory Revisited”
Melinda Szuts, “Absence and Disembodiment in Yeats’s Plays”

Parallel panels 2; Thursday 9:00-10:30

Irish Narratives. Chair: Matthew Campbell
Irina D. Rasmussen, “Joyce Sparring with Yeats: The National Library Episode of Ulysses as a Laboratory of the Literary”
Peter McDonald, “‘High and airy’: Yeats, Hyde, and the Altitudes of ‘At the Abbey Theatre’”
Matthew Fay, “‘The Irish Dramatic Movement’: Images of ‘fellow workers’ in Yeats’s Nobel Prize Lecture and
Other Related Speeches”

Yeats’s Towers. Chair: Youngmin Kim
Alex French, “Anxious for Legacy: Progeny and Natural Monuments in Yeats’ The Tower”
Yuki Tanaka, “Poetic Legacy and Revision in ‘The Tower’”
Ketevan Grdzelidze, “Tower Counter Tower: Yeats’s Images of Gallery and Circus”

Spiritual Dialogues. Chair: Seán Golden
Adrian Paterson, “‘Soul Clap Its Hands and Sing’: Ficino and Yeats’ ‘Sailing to Byzantium’”
Pawan Kumar, “Spiritualism, Revivalism, and Modernism in Yeats and Aurobindo”
Dionisius Psilopoulus, “The Sacred in Yeats and Nikos Kazantzakis’s A Vision and The Saviors of God”

Parallel panels 3; Thursday 11:00-12:30

Individuality and Context. Chair: Wit Pietrzak
Nicholas Meihuizen, “Yeats, William James and the Personal Equation”
Sirshendu Majumdar, “The Poet as Public Intellectual”
Aoife Lynch, “The Sacred Heart of W. B. Yeats”

Elevation and Paradox. Chair: Alexandra Poulain
Neil Mann, “How far away the stars seem”: W. B. Yeats and the Constellations of Heaven”
Lucy Collins, “Climbing the Narrow Stairs: W. B. Yeats’s Vertical Spaces”
Wit Pietrzak, “Beautiful and Lofty: The Self-Annulling Poetry of New Poems”

Yeats and the Sacred. Chair: Maria Rita Drumond Viana
Akiko Manabe, “Sacredness, Heroism and Laughter in Yeats’s Drama”
Laura McCloskey, “‘Dreams that Fly’: Symbology of Transcendence and Ascent as Connection to Sacred
Universality in the Works of William Butler Yeats”
Kathryn Wills, “Our Poet as Esoteric Protestant Prophet Confronting a Sacramental Universe”

Parallel panels 4; Friday 9:00-10:30

Art and Aesthetics. Chair: Adrian Paterson
Tom Walker, “Romancing Romance: William Morris, Early Yeats and the Religion of Art”
Giles Whiteley, “Inspiration, Elevation, Decadence: Yeats, Symons and Pater Revisited”
Dana Garvin, “Reflections from the Gyres: The Evolution of Yeatsian Imagery”

Yeats and Sweden II. Chair: Joakim Wrethed
Lars-Håkan Svensson, “Yeats in Sweden”
Yuki Takahashi, “‘A Vast Design’ of Artistic Unity that W.B. Yeats Found in the Stockholm City Hall”
Charles I. Armstrong, “The Reluctant Tourist: ‘The Bounty of Sweden’ as Travelogue”

Between Extremities, Man Runs his Course. Chair: Hedwig Schwall
Marie Lucie Lopez, “Becoming a Nobel Prize Laureate: Reading W. B. Yeats’ Nature Poems through the Aristotelian Lens”
Charika Swanepoel, “Revelation by Chance and Choice: The Path of the Chameleon and the Peacock’s Tail”
Youngmin Kim, “Mask, Gyres, and Violence: War within versus War without in Yeats’s Poetics of Elevation”

Parallel panels 5; Friday 11:00-12:30

W. B., Jack B., and Elevation. Chair: Tom Walker
Anne Karhio, “Yeats’s Blues: Brilliance and Depth, Light and Shadow”
Anthony Johnson, “‘Stilts and Ladders: W. B. Yeats, Jack B. Yeats, and the Prosthetic’”
Michael Connerty, “Popular Literary Sources in the Comic Strips of Jack B. Yeats”

Yeats in Troubled Times. Chair: Lucy Collins
Alexandra Poulain, “‘A player, a playwright, and the most famous poet in the world’: Highs and Lows in The Player Queen”
Matthew Campbell, “Breakfast, Accident Incoherence: Yeats, Civil War and the Nobel in 1923”

Conference Funded By

Åke Wibergs Stiftelse
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Åke Wibergs Stiftelse

Conference Funded By

Magnus Bergvalls Stiftelse

marcus wallenberg foundation


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